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What is ECC Latvia?

European Consumer Centre of Latvia (ECC Latvia) has been established aiming to ensure consumer rights protection wherever they travel and doing cross-border shopping.

We will advice and inform You about Your consumer rights in European Union and will help to solve the problems appeared buying goods and services in Latvia.

ECC Latvia is a part of European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-NET) represented in all EU countries, as well Norway and Iceland.

We are here to protect the consumer using all advantages and opportunities offered by EU single market.

The following appeals to ECC Latvia:

  • Latvian consumers who have questions or problems related to purchase made in other EU member countries,as well Norway and Iceland.
  • Consumers from other EU member countries, Norway and Iceland, who need advice or who have problems with goods/services bought in Latvia including on-line shopping.

ECC Latvia is here to help You if You have a problems:

  • buying goods and services in Latvia;
  • shopping on-line;
  • renting car;
  • traveling by airplane (denied boarding, cancellation, delays, lost or damaged luggage);
  • booking hotels;
  • purchasing package holidays etc.

ECC Latvia is financed by European Commission and being part of and working under Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia.

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