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meenesha-veiksmes-staastsLithuanian consumer booked a hotelin Latvia through www.booking.com. When consumer arrived in hotel he realized that that room do not comply with described in www.booking.com. Separate kitchen was not available in room, as well as consumer was not satisfied with quality of provided service.
Due to successful communication with hotel, consumer was reimbursed with 20% from total paid amount.

Airline paid compensation to consumer for delayed luggage!

Latvian consumer was flying from Riga to Italy taking with him also registered luggage. When consumer arrived in airport, he did not receive his registered luggage, so he immediately filled a PIR. As a result he did not receive his luggage during all his stay in Italy, but only 3 days after he return home in Riga. When consumer received his luggage he realise that it is damaged and several items are missing. He immediately submitted a written complaint to the airline, but did not receive any response for several months. In order to solve the situation, consumer turned to European Consumer Centre of Latvia. As a result, with a great support of European Consumer Centre of Italy, airline paid to consumer compensation for created damages in total amount 1000 EUR.  

Shop in Germany reimburses money for defective shoes!

Latvian consumer bought winter boots in shop of Germany in total amount EUR 59.95. After a month sole of boots splitted. Consumer turned to German shop with claim, which didn’t answer to consumer’s complaint. Consumer turnedfor assistance toEuropean Consumer Centre of Latvia. In cooperation with European Consumer Centre of Germany, German shop agreed to return consumer for winter boots paid sum in amount of EUR 59.95.Consumer confirmed that money was reimbursed.

Shop in Italy reimburse money for defective coat!

Latvian consumer bought Giorgio Armani coat in shop in Italy in amount of EUR 1161. After wear of it for several times, there appeared holes in rearward of coat, as a result consumer couldn’t wear the coat.Consumer turned to Italian shop with claim. Shop answered consumer that material of coat is very delicate and it should be wearvery careful. Shop refused consumer’s claim.Consumer turned for assistance toEuropean Consumer Centre of Latvia. In cooperation with European Consumer Centre of Italy, shop agreed to return consumer for coat paid sum in amount of EUR 1161.Consumer confirmed that money was returned.

Latvian airline paid compensation for lost luggage!

Lithuanian consumer and his family had connecting flights on route Washington-Amsterdam-Copenhagen-Vilnius. After these flights consumer found out that his baggage was lost. In Vilnius airport he filled a complaint, however luggage was not found.Consumer turned to Latvian airline with claim, however airline did not provide any reply.Consumer asked for assistance of European Consumer Centre of Lithuania. In cooperation with European Consumer Centre of Latvia, airline agreed to pay compensation in amount of LTL 3923.50 (EUR 1136) for lost baggage. Consumer confirmed that compensation was paid.

Latvian company reimburse to consumer unreasonably deducted points awarded to consumer within the loyalty program, as well as gifted him with additional points.  

Lithuanian consumer joined the loyalty program of one Latvian airline with possibility to earn points which later can be spent on one e-shop. Consumer earned more than 20 000 points. When he decided to make a shopping he noticed that 405 points are missing. Later he made another purchase, but after 3 errors on webpage all points were charged. Consumer contacted with company, missing points were returned, except 405 points. After intervention of ECC Latvia, company returned him 405 points as well as awarded him with 4000 points as compensation for technical mistake of shop, together with apology letter.

After rerouting consumer to next day’s flight, airline reimburse consumer travel cost for traveling home and back to airport.

Latvian consumer had a flight with Irish airline from Riga to Glasgow, however after arriving to the Riga airport, consumer was informed that his flight was cancelled due to fog which was inadmissible conditions for flying. As a result of it in order to reach final destination consumer was rerouted to the next day’s flight. When consumer retuned back to Riga, he lodge a complaint to airline pointing out that as his original flight was cancelled and consumer was rerouted to next day’s flight in accordance with Regulation 261/2004, airline should have to provide passenger with free of chargehotel accommodation. In consumers situation the free of charge provision of accommodation was not necessary as consumer is a resident of Latvia, however consumer do not live in city Riga, but city Valmiera, which is more than a 100 kilometers away from Riga, as a result of it due to being rerouted to next day’s flight created for consumer additional travel expenses for fuel as consumer had to go back to Valmiera and in next day return to Riga airport. Based on mentioned, consumer was asking to reimburse 63 EUR for travel expenses, attaching appropriate receipts. Airline did not provide any answer, therefore consumer turn for help to European Consumer Centre of Latvia which in cooperation with European Consumer Centre of Ireland reach a positive solution and airline reimburse to consumer 63 EUR.  

Latvian internet shop provides consumers with free of charge spare parts for defective bike!

Estonian consumer bought bike for her son in Latvian internet shop. Shortly there appeared problems as frame had a crack. Also "drop out", which holds down the back wheel broke. Consumer contacted Latvian internet shop, but the problem wasn’t resolved. Consumer asked for assistance of ECC Estonia. In cooperation with ECC Latvia, internet shop agreed to deliver new spare parts for bike. Consumer confirmed that all necessary spare parts were delivered.

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Monthly Success Story
Unsatisfactory hotel service
Lithuanian consumer booked a hotelin Latvia through www.booking.com. When consumer arrived in hotel...
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